Oi Dipnoi

Sicily, Italy (nu-folk/world). Born out of tradition and innovation, Oi Dipnoi music is rooted in ancient melodies of Sicily, developed by the diatonic accordion, supported by an impressive rhythmic section with percussion and bass. The repertoire comprises instrumental pieces as well as songs in Sicilian dialect and in standard Italian.

Thursday January 18th12:00 PMFolk SchoolChill Room
Thursday January 18th 4:00 PMFolk SchoolNew Hall
Thursday January 18th 8:00 PMThursday at Tivoli On TrackTivoli on Track
Friday January 19th11:30 AMFriday in the Black Diamond MarqueeBlack Diamond Marquee
Saturday January 20th 8:30 PMSaturday in the Global GreenGlobal Green
Sunday January 21st 4:15 PMSunday in The ChapelThe Chapel

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