George Mann

George Mann brings his experience as a union organiser and educator to his concerts-- stories and songs about struggle for a better life. He has produced albums featuring Utah Phillips, Pete Seeger and Tom Paxton, and tours of the US and Australia to honor the Almanac Singers and Joe Hill.

Wednesday January 17th11:00 AMFolk SchoolNew Hall
Thursday January 18th11:00 AMFolk SchoolNew Hall
Thursday January 18th 8:40 PMTripe DinnerRestaurant
Friday January 19th11:00 AMFriday in the Show PavilionShow Pavilion
Saturday January 20th 9:30 AMStart Your Own RevolutionSlacky Flat Bar
Saturday January 20th 2:30 PMSaturday in the Global GreenGlobal Green
Saturday January 20th 5:12 PMBoat SongsShow Pavilion
Sunday January 21st 9:40 AMHa! Ha! Ha! ConcertSlacky Flat Bar
Sunday January 21st 5:45 PMSunday in the Nag's LoungeNag's Lounge

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