Cranky Franky

Cranky Franky is a three-piece comedy folk duo plus one, whose music plumbs the deepest depths of suburban tragedy and scales the highest heights of home renovation triumph. Cranky Franky has no merchandise and minimal social media presence but does have plenty of amusing songs.

Friday January 19th 8:45 PMFriday in the Miner's CampMiner's Camp
Saturday January 20th10:12 AMStart Your Own RevolutionSlacky Flat Bar
Saturday January 20th 1:30 PMSaturday in the Nag's LoungeNag's Lounge
Sunday January 21st 9:58 AMHa! Ha! Ha! ConcertSlacky Flat Bar
Sunday January 21st 4:37 PMGot a UkuleleShow Pavilion

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