Friend Of The Folky!

Friend Of The Folky!

Friend Of The Folky!

Friend Of The Folky - Darren Hull

Darren was thrown head first into the folk festival experience in 2013 as the new manager of the Bulli Greyhound Club and Showground. He was such a pleasure to work with for all involved and we look forward to working with him again for many years to come! Here's a mini interview with our Friend of the Folky, Darren smiley

1.  Tell us about your move to Bulli, where you're from, what your job is at the Greyhound Track.

I managed & owned for 15 years our family Smash Repair business in Wagga Wagga that employed 25 full time staff (Graeme Hull Smash Repairs). My father Graeme trained a few greyhounds as a hobby. Around 12 years ago he asked me to take on the Presidents role at the Wagga Greyhound Club for 12 months as the club was in financial trouble and not going that well. I took on the role & spent 12 years in the position. In that time the Wagga Club grew & they are now a full time TAB Racing club & one of the strongest in NSW. I saw the job come up at Bulli & thought it was a great opportunity to run a Greyhound club full time.

2.  What are your plans for the Greyhound Club now that you've started?

I not only run the Greyhound club but also the Showground premises. I am keen to attract extra events here & have already secured some exciting things for the Showground. It is my plan to make the Bulli Greyhound club the number 1 Provincial track in NSW & introduce some exciting initiatives into our racing programme.

3.  Had you been to a folk festival before?  What were you expecting the folk festival to be like?  

I had never attended a Folk Festival but would highly recommend this one! To be honest I didn't know what to expect. Although this is funny, I thought it might be people yodelling & that type of thing. I was surprised as I got a chance to view some of the performances & it was highly entertaining. Some of the musical instruments caught my attention as I had never seen them before & the people were fantastic & friendly. I never saw one ounce of trouble & the most pleasing aspect was that everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

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