Souvenir Program

Souvenir Program

Souvenir Program

2018 Souvenir Program is now available.

Here's the program in a black and white A4 page format - Download Program Grids 4 Pages

Download Program Grids - 8 A4 individual pages

You can view the full Souvenir Program (68 pages, colour), click on the image below.


Here are the artists for the 2018 festival:


Breaking Trad (Ireland), Dan Walsh (UK), Edgelarks (Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin) (UK), Eleanor McEvoy (Ireland), Faith i Branko (Eastern Europe), George Mann (USA), Himmerland with Mairi Campbell (Denmark/Scotland), Josefina Paulson & Jonas Åkerlund, (Sweden), Ken Field's Hoot Band (USA), Kevin Welch (USA), Maggie Carty & Máirtín Staunton (Ireland), Naranjarte (Spain), Oi Dipnoi (Italy), Scott Cook and the Second Chances (Canada), Steve Turner (UK), The Beez (Germany), The Small Glories (Canada)


Eric Bogle, The Balkan Elvis (Mikelangelo), Cass Eager, Darren Coggan, Taiko no Wa, The Go Set, The Protesters
plus Albion Fair Morris, Baz Cooper, Black Bear Duo, Black Joak Morris, Brian Bell, Bush Music Club, Christopher Shaw, Claire Anne Taylor, Combined Union Choirs, Den Hanrahan & The Rum Runners, Devil on the Rooftop, Dom, Ella Belfanti, Franké, Glover & Sorrensen, Golden Whistler, Good Tunes, Greshka, Handsome Young Strangers, Honey & Knives, Innes, Jane Germain Duo, John Broomhall, Karen Law and Family, Lagoon Hill Zydeco, Lisa Couper, Little Foot, Lizzie Flynn & The Reckoning, Margaret Walters, Maurie Mulheron & Pat Craigie, Maypole with Molly, Merry Widows Unplugged, Michael-John Azzopardi, Nick Charles, Nick Rheinberger, Noel Gardner & Alex Bridge, Paddy McHugh, Peter Mace, Peter Willey, Richard Perso, Robyn Sykes, Rusty & The Saint, Santa Taranta, Shelley's Murder Boys, Snez, Sydney English Country Dance, The Button Collective, The Grenadiers, The Honey Drippin' Mudskippers, The Northern Folk, The Raglins, The Royal High Jinx, The Scrims, The Simon Kerr Perspective, The Ten Quid Poms, Ti-li-li-li, Wally Byrne, Zumpa


Alex Sreckovic, Atef and Sako, Az-I-Am, Beatmeisters, Big Erle, Carefree Road Band, Chord-eaux, Cinnamon Twist Belly Dance, Circus Wow, Cranky Franky, Curious Rendition Orchestra, Egypsy, Erika Steller and Fiona Davis Yoga, Gobsmacked!, Heart to Heart Storytelling, Irish Famine, Jackie Dee, Jimmy & Shay, John Nichols & Wolfgang Kloger, Josh C Music, Kala Ilango, Kay Proudlove, Kenny Bartley, Kevin Sullivan, King and Queen of Green, Laney and friends, Lizzie Bennet, Love In the Jungle, Meridian, mUKEas, Murmur, No Such Thing, Roger Gordon Fyfe, Silver Lotus Tribal Bellydance, SingGongGo, Southern Gentlemen, Swing Booty, The Calamities, The Capricornia Project, The Con Artists, The Groove, The Humphreys, The Scratchies, The Steampunk Vagabonds, The Swingaleles, The Water Runners, Vic Janko Orkestar, Wolf Gordon, Zlatkos Balkan Cabaret


Claire Doherty, Dear Violet, Fergus Bailey, Folkaphonic Youth Orchestra, James and Jackson, Little Glory, Paddy & The Wonderband, Shalani Thomas, The Bowhemians, Tim Lukey,  Zingara


2017 Illawarra Folk Festival Program

You can view the SOUVENIR PROGRAM HERE  84 pages

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