Volunteer Application Form

Volunteer Application Form

Please fill out your details below if you are applying for a General Volunteer position.

If you want to join the Green Team (CLICK HERE).

Please make sure this is the same email address you used in the field above!
Please supply a phone number that can be used to contact you prior to, and during the festival
Please supply an alternative home phone number
The Festival’s Limitation of Liability information CAN BE READ HERE.
It is Festival policy that all volunteers between the ages of 12 and 18 must be the children of an active volunteer or be sponsored by an active adult volunteer who will take responsibility for them. A consent and waiver form will need to be provided.

If you wish to proceed with your appliction then provide your age, the name of a parent/guardian providing permission and a contact phone number for them here.
For example, "Age 14, Parent Pete Seeger, Mobile 0050123456"
I would like to be considered for a senior volunteer position during the Festival.
This involves more responsibility, hours and team leadership skills
If you are unable to contribute 12 hours, please indicate how many hours you are able to work.
If you provide 4 hours or more on a day you will receive a day pass for that day.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are set-up days. The festival then runs from Thursday Midday until Sunday evening. The following Monday is pack-down day.
Please note that onsite camping will open Wednesday 9am 17th January 2018. Campsites need to be vacated by 10am 22 January 2018.
Daily Availability
If you are partially available, please select the third option in the lists below and indicate your hours available on each day. Please fill in all days. For Example: "After 9pm" "Between 12noon and 3pm" "6am - 9am & 5pm - 7pm"
Please indicate whether you have preferences for the type of volunteer role you are assigned. If you select the first option and are willing to be assigned according to festival requirements, you should not indicate job preferences in the next question.
Please number preferences for all the tasks you would be willing to do (ten maximum). Please refer to the Volunteer Job Descriptions page for a full description of the tasks involved and days you would be needed for these jobs.
IMPORTANT! Please enter your first preference as 1, you second preference as 2, and so on. Please do not select the same number more than once.
Artistic Decoration Setup & Packdown
Bar Team (requires RSA)
Camping Team
Electrical Team
Festival Office
First Aid
Folk School
Green Folk Team
Instrument Lockup
Marketing, Media & Sponsorship
Merchandise Shop
Monitor Smoke Zones
Pack-down Team
Patron Services
Performer Registration
Production Manager
Set-up Team
Shift Management
Signage Setup & Packdown
Site Area Setup Manager
Site Control & Traffic
Sound / PA Systems Operation
Traffic Management Team
Transport Team
Venue Management/MC
Volunteer Kitchen
Volunteer Registration
Please specify the type/s of drivers licence you hold.
Please tell us any qualifications or skills you have that you can utilise at the festival.
If you are a festival artist or performer, please tell us either the name of the group you are in, or (if you are a solo artist) what name your act is booked under.
There is a $20 per person charge for volunteers.( campsite is free)
You are responsible for booking your volunteer campsite or sharing a campsite pass.
After submitting your volunteer application, please book your volunteer camping at your earliest convenience.There are no special volunteer tickets, just purchase the normal general public tickets after applying your volunteer $20 campsite discount code.

(A) You will need to book a C1 or C2 or C3 Campsite Ticket ( this ticket automatically includes a campsite ($20) and a camping person pass ($20))
(B) If you are a volunteer sharing a campsite, please just purchase a "Camping Person Pass only-Adult Share" Ticket. $20. The discount code does not apply to this ticket.
With the discount code, if there are two of you on the one site,you can purchase (A) and (B) in the same booking, but no discount will be applied to (B)

Step 1 : Go to: www.illawarrafolkfestival.com.au/tickets/Purchase Here
Step 2 : Click on green Ticket button
Step 3: Click on "Enter Promotional Code" box found at the top of Select Tickets.Enter and apply volunteer code: VOLCAMPA
Step 4: Scroll down to select your ticket
Step5: Proceed as normal with your payment.

After booking, if you later advise you no longer require camping, you will be refunded immediately.
* There are NO powered sites.
* Onsite camping will open Wednesday 9am 10th January 2018.
* Campsites need to be vacated by 10am Monday 15 January 2018.

IMPORTANT! If you are camping on the same site with other volunteers, please ensure you submit only one camping site request.
Please confirm the following.
I acknowledge by submitting this volunteer application I am agreeing to comply with the Illawarra Folk Festival Code of Conduct and Terms of Agreement below.
• I have read and agree to abide by the Festival Code of Conduct. CLICK HERE TO READ THE CODE OF CONDUCT.
• I agree to carry out my volunteer tasks according to the rostered hours.
• I agree to contact my team leader as early as possible if circumstances prevent my commencing a shift.
• If I breach the Festival Code of Conduct, I acknowledge I may be relieved of my duties and escorted from the site. Such conduct may also result in denial of future volunteer applications.
• I am over 18 years of age. (If under 18, please provide details in the next question)
This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.

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