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With a raucous mountain sound, Narrownecks are an authentic old time string band. Fiddle, Banjo, Guitar and Cello pump out traditional tunes with vocal harmonies and a modern flair.

Bluegrass/AmericanaCalled DancesTrad


Thursday January 17th 9:00 AMFolk School - Appalachian Fiddle WorkshopChill Room
Thursday January 17th11:00 AMFolk School - Clawhammer BanjoChill Room
Friday January 18th 9:00 PMLots of Strings - Steel City Sue, Miriam Lieberman Trio, Narrownecks, Lindsay LouShow Pavilion
Saturday January 19th10:00 PMConcerts - Rachel Collis, Dennis J Leise, Mike Martin, Rusty & The Saint, Ramblin' Ash, NarrownecksMiner's Camp
Sunday January 20th 4:15 PMConcerts - Chloe & Jason Roweth Band, The Pie Eaters, Mariah McCarthy, Narrownecks, Solidarity ChoirShow Pavilion