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Moussa Diakite and Wassado

Mali now based in NSW

Malian guitar legend Moussa Diakite and his band Wassado fuse traditional West African styles with blues, jazz, Cuban and Afro-rock. This show is mesmerizing, sophisticated and irresistible on the dance floor.

World Music


Friday January 18th10:00 PMConcerts - Frank Povah, Tin Star, Chloe & Jason Roweth Band, The Anecdote, Sarah Humphreys, Super Rats, Ballpoint Penguins, Cigány Weaver, Ted Egan, Mission Songs Project, Matt Katsis, Handsome Young Strangers, Moussa Diakite and Wassado, On The StoopSlacky Flat Bar
Friday January 18th 1:30 PMMalian Guitar WorkshopGrandstand Bar
Saturday January 19th 8:30 PMWorld Music Party - The Fretless, Zumpa, Cigány Weaver, Moussa Diakite and Wassado, Hello Tut TutBlack Diamond Marquee
Sunday January 20th 2:00 PMConcerts - Miriam Lieberman Trio, On The Stoop, Linda Mizzi, The Fretless, Moussa Diakite and Wassado, Albi & The Wolves, The Long Johns, Cigány WeaverThe Chapel