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Coral Reid

United Kingdom

Coral Reid is a fiddle and dance workshop leader from Newcastle, UK. She enjoys sharing her knowledge in traditional English tunes, fiddle-singing, step clog and rapper sword dancing.



Thursday January 17th11:00 AMFolk School - Clog DancingOld Hall
Thursday January 17th 1:00 PMFolk School -English Fiddle Tuners (beginner/ intermediate)Chill Room
Thursday January 17th 3:00 PMFolk School -An Introduction to Fiddle-Singing (for confident fiddle players)Chill Room
Friday January 18th11:00 AMEnglish Fiddle Tunes on FridaySession Tent
Friday January 18th 5:15 PMClog Dancing Workshop on FridayTivoli on Track
Saturday January 19th 1:15 PMFiddle Singing WorkshopSession Tent
Saturday January 19th 3:45 PMClog Dancing Workshop on SaturdayTivoli on Track
Sunday January 20th10:00 AMEnglish Fiddle Tunes on SundaySession Tent