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Mensch, Monique!


Mensch, Monique! are the joie de vivre of Berlin Kreuzberg Bohemia, life on the land by the lake, and the deep blue sea. Mensch, Monique! are mostly 2 voices, a guitar and an accoustic bass: Jule Schroeder (ex The Beez) & Georg Sassnowski ( ex treme little sleep).



Thursday January 17th 9:00 PMTaster Too Concert - Rusty & The Saint, Anna & Jordan, Cloudstreet, Jenny Mitchell, Khristian Mizzi, The Thomsons, Dennis J Leise, Mensch, Monique!Global Green
Friday January 18th 3:00 PMConcerts - The Pie Eaters, Rusty & The Saint, Khristian Mizzi, Jenny Mitchell, Zumpa, Mensch, Monique!, The Water Runners, Co-cheol, The Bottlers, Fly Little Sparrow, Egypsy, The Pigs, The FretlessGlobal Green
Saturday January 19th10:30 PMConcerts - The Groove, Peter Anderson, The Guilty Three, Jenny Mitchell, Zlatkos Balkan Cabaret, Mensch, Monique!, Vic Janko OrkestarRestaurant
Sunday January 20th 9:30 AMConcerts - Mensch, Monique!, Dirt Road Days, Rob Longstaff, Frank Povah, Super Rats, The Anecdote, Mad Kelpie Playdate, Matt KatsisMiner's Camp