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Dingo's Breakfast Oz Music & Poetry Band

WA-based Australia-wide road denizens

Dingo’s shows are a wonderful mix of Traditional and Contemporary Songs, salted with an edgy slam of Performance Poetry. They have shown that Performance Poetry is not just for breakfast.

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Thursday January 17th 5:00 PMA Taste of PoetsGrandstand Bar
Friday January 18th 8:30 AMPoet's Breakfast on FridayShow Pavilion
Friday January 18th 5:30 PMUncle Jimbo's Island Bar LecturesShow Pavilion
Saturday January 19th 8:00 AMPoet's Breakfast on SaturdayShow Pavilion
Saturday January 19th 3:30 PMPoet's Afternoon TeaMiner's Camp
Saturday January 19th 7:15 PMPirates of the CorpserationShow Pavilion
Sunday January 20th 8:00 AMPoet's Breakfast on SundayShow Pavilion
Sunday January 20th 9:30 AMLaugh Till Your Drop - Funny Song ConcertSlacky Flat Bar
Sunday January 20th 3:00 PMConcerts - Suzette Herft, SingGongGo, The Last Aurochs, Brent Parlane, The Water Runners, Dingo's Breakfast Oz Music & Poetry Band, Winter Wilson, Sarah Humphreys, Ballpoint PenguinsGrandstand Bar
Sunday January 20th 4:45 PMPoet's Final WordSession Tent