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Ballpoint Penguins

Perth, Western Australia

Smart Funny Beautiful A Cappella Harmony Tails Lyrics ......Arrange in any combination......Anticipate the Unexpected......Laughing in the face of looming extinction.

Accapella/Choral GroupCabaretWorkshop


Thursday January 17th10:30 PMTripe Dinner & Concert - Russell Hannah, Ted Egan, Winter Wilson, Suzette Herft, Dave de Hugard, Broads, Peter Willey, Ballpoint PenguinsRestaurant
Friday January 18th 4:00 PMConcerts - Frank Povah, Tin Star, Chloe & Jason Roweth Band, The Anecdote, Sarah Humphreys, Super Rats, Ballpoint Penguins, Cigány Weaver, Ted Egan, Mission Songs Project, Matt Katsis, Handsome Young Strangers, Moussa Diakite and Wassado, On The StoopSlacky Flat Bar
Saturday January 19th 9:10 AMMusic Train 1/2 on Saturday - Ballpoint PenguinsMusic Train #1 (Carriage 2)
Saturday January 19th 2:30 PMConcerts - Mem Davis, Patrick Lyons & The Band of American Creek, Paddy & The Wonderband, Cranky Franky, Mariah McCarthy, Ballpoint PenguinsMiner's Camp
Sunday January 20th 9:30 AMLaugh Till Your Drop - Funny Song ConcertSlacky Flat Bar
Sunday January 20th 6:00 PMConcerts - Suzette Herft, SingGongGo, The Last Aurochs, Brent Parlane, The Water Runners, Dingo's Breakfast Oz Music & Poetry Band, Winter Wilson, Sarah Humphreys, Ballpoint PenguinsGrandstand Bar