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The Last Aurochs


The Last Aurochs explore ancient and modern musical territories of Europe. French accordion, Iberian pipes, and Australian Celtic music, cross-cultural and borderless, like the land grazed by the Aurochs.



Thursday January 17th 3:00 PMFolk School -Tunes from Spain, Portugal & FranceNew Hall
Friday January 18th11:30 AMConcerts - The Last Aurochs, Rob Longstaff, Albi & The Wolves, Cloudstreet, The Con Artists, Gleny Rae Virus and her Playboys, Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club, Kate Pass Kohesia Ensemble, Jodi Martin Band, HighlanderBlack Diamond Marquee
Saturday January 19th 5:00 PMConcerts - Richard Lawson, Steel City Sue, JimmyBay, Kay Proudlove, Linda Mizzi, Sarah Humphreys, Super Rats, The Last Aurochs, Albi & The Wolves, On The Stoop, Hardey McMurrick Two, Mad Kelpie Playdate, Gleny Rae Virus and her PlayboysGlobal Green
Sunday January 20th12:00 PMConcerts - Suzette Herft, SingGongGo, The Last Aurochs, Brent Parlane, The Water Runners, Dingo's Breakfast Oz Music & Poetry Band, Winter Wilson, Sarah Humphreys, Ballpoint PenguinsGrandstand Bar