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Fly Little Sparrow


Lisa Lazuli and Lizzie Flynn come together to sing harmonies that emulate riding on the wings of a strong-willed bird. Join them on a flight path of beautiful harmonic arrangements, an eclectic repertoire, and two voices that will take you on a journey from fragility to hope.

Folk RootsSinger-Songwriter


Thursday January 17th 8:30 PMTaster Concert - Sophie & Fiachra, Jodi Martin Band, Hardey McMurrick Two, Fly Little Sparrow, Emily WurramaraSlacky Flat Bar
Friday January 18th 7:00 PMConcerts - The Pie Eaters, Rusty & The Saint, Khristian Mizzi, Jenny Mitchell, Zumpa, Mensch, Monique!, The Water Runners, Co-cheol, The Bottlers, Fly Little Sparrow, Egypsy, The Pigs, The FretlessGlobal Green
Saturday January 19th 4:30 PMSaturday Arvo at the Slacky Flat - Junior, Jodi Martin Band, Fly Little SparrowSlacky Flat Bar