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Rusty & The Saint


Long-time musical acquaintances finally come together on stage to present an eclectic selection of contemporary folk-influenced songs from the likes of Richard Thompson, Mark Knopfler, Guy Clark, Lyle Lovett to name a few. Rusty is Russell Churcher and The Saint is David De Santi.



Thursday January 17th 5:00 PMTaster Too Concert - Rusty & The Saint, Anna & Jordan, Cloudstreet, Jenny Mitchell, Khristian Mizzi, The Thomsons, Dennis J Leise, Mensch, Monique!Global Green
Friday January 18th11:00 AMConcerts - The Pie Eaters, Rusty & The Saint, Khristian Mizzi, Jenny Mitchell, Zumpa, Mensch, Monique!, The Water Runners, Co-cheol, The Bottlers, Fly Little Sparrow, Egypsy, The Pigs, The FretlessGlobal Green
Saturday January 19th 8:00 PMConcerts - Rachel Collis, Dennis J Leise, Mike Martin, Rusty & The Saint, Ramblin' Ash, NarrownecksMiner's Camp
Sunday January 20th 9:30 AMLaugh Till Your Drop - Funny Song ConcertSlacky Flat Bar