Tripe Dinner and Concert

Great Lot of Tripe at Festival- SADLY THE TRIPE NIGHT WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE THIS YEAR  2023 – it will appear for the 2024 Festival

Held in the Thirroul Railway Institute from 6.30pm on the Thursday of the Illawarra Folk Festival, you won’t want to miss this one! Music starts at 8pm.

TRIPE DINNER: $30 for Adults with Festival Pass or $45 without a Festival Pass | Child U12 free with paying parent

BOOKINGS: call 1300 887 034

Further information from Russell Hannah 0488 971777.

“Tripe Eaters of the world unite.

Stand up tall and proud.

Fight the good tripe eater’s fight.

Join the swelling crowd.

Of  those who eat intestines

of the masticating cow.

Get your registration form,

and fill it in right now.”

Blue the Shearer

Don’t be treated like a criminal in your own home just because you have a penchant for bovine interiors. Now is the time to ‘come out’; declare yourself and join your fellows of the same persuasion. Be united in tripe and say ‘Damn’ to the rest of the world.

The Illawarra Folk Festival is the only festival in the world that kicks off with a fully fledged tripe eating dinner.

If you have the guts for it, Thursday night at the Thirroul Railway Insitute is for you.

It is of course the South Coast Tripe Eaters Associations annual dinner. The delectable interior of the bovine will be on offer in two varieties; the boring old traditional white tripe and onions with the accompaniment of mashed potatoes and  gourmet multicultural version to be revealed.

The meal is three courses with a traditional soup and dessert as well as coffee and tea.

BYO drinks. For people who don’t eat tripe but like to hang around with people that do, then we will put on a very ordinary main course, called grey sludge so that you can enjoy the entertainment afterwards.

The entertainment will be provided by some of the world’s great tripe eaters. There will be many more as performers who are at the Festival clamour to get a spot in this prestigious event.

Russell Hannah, one of the world’s great authorities on tripe eating, will as usual host the dinner. Russell has a black belt in tripe eating having amazed the audience by downing twelve helpings at the recent World Tripe Eating Championship in Sierra Leone.