2020 Artists Lineup

The 2020 Illawarra Folk Festival acts have been selected. There are 75 new acts out of 150!

The full colour souvenir program is due for release in December 2019.

2020 Illawarra Folk Festival Artists


Brighde Chaimbeul, Elephant Sessions, Siobhan Miller – SCOT; Autoharp Unanimous, The Brother Brothers, Dirty Stay Out Skifflers,  GrayScale ContraBand, Ken Field’s Hoot Band, SONiA disappear fear – USA; Carlo Aonzo Trio – ITALY; Collister & Fix, Faustus, Rory McLeod – UK; David Shanhun – NZ; Mo Kenney, The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra – CANADA; Gordon Koang – SOUTH SUDAN,; Hanne Kah – GERMANY; Teatro Matita – SLOVENIA; The Barleyshakes Trio – IRELAND


Andsome Friends, Anita George, Anna Smyrk, Black Joak Morris, Brian Morley, Bromham, Burnt Roast Band, Bush Music Club – Concert Party, Chaika, Chloe & Jason Roweth, Cigany Weaver, Cyclo Timik, Daniel Champagne, David Spry, Derek Dowding, English Dance Workshops, Eric Bogle, Fìrinn, Fly Little Sparrow, Fred Smith, Good Tunes, Graeme Fletcher, Greann Dove, Honeymoon Bridge, Hui Tocker and Peter Hicks, Jack Carty, Jaga Band, Jan Preston’s Boogie Circus, Kahl Wallace, Koo Wee Kapers, Marcia Howard, Mark “Looch” Lewis & The Press Gangsters, Maurie Mulheron & Pat Craigie, Mi Hermano y Yo Vallenato y Folclore, Murphy’s Puppers, Nick Rheinberger, Nicky Bomba, Rusty & The Saint, Santa Taranta, Shanty Club, Shelley’s Murder Boys, Shellie Morris, Stu Tyrrell, Sue Ray, Sydney English Country Dancers, Terry Fielding, The Good Girl Song Project, The Pie Eaters, The Stragglers, The String Family, This Machine Sings Woody, Toe Sucking Cowgirls, Troy Brady, Velour, VGmates, Zumpa

LOCAL (56)

Abigail Wighton, Anvil, Carefree Road Band, Chord-eaux, Cinnamon Twist Belly Dance, Combined Union Choirs, Curious Rendition Orchestra, Denis McKay, Dirt Road Days, Dru Yoga, Food Fighters, Gobsmacked!, Heart to Heart Storytelling, Illawarra Nature Story Songs, Irish Session Workshop, Jessica  Grainger, Jocean, Joe Gander Handpan and Sounds, Kay Proudlove, King and Queen of Green, Lizzie Bennet, Love In The Jungle, Macabre Sisters, Madd Molly, Mally Moo’s Music for Minis, Me & Pete, Mem Davis, Money Killed Jonny, Murmur, Northern Illawarra Combined Churches, Rani’s Fire, Retro Radio Show, Roger Gordon Fyfe, rUKEas, Sally Forth, Silver Lotus Tribal Bellydance, Singongo, Soul Flamenco Illawarra, Steampunk Vagabonds, Storybeats, Super Kenny/Kenny Bartley and the Midnight Feast, Swing Booty, The Beatmeisters, The Con Artists, The Femmes Fatales, The Groove, The Guilty Three, The High Country, The Honey Sippers, The Humphreys, The Nikriann Consort, The Swingaleles, The Water Runners, Tia Juana, Wally Byrne, Zlatkos Balkan Cabaret


Brian Bell, Illawarra Breakfast Poets, Jason Roweth, Peter Mace, Robyn Sykes, Russell Hannah, Stonybroke

YOUTH (16)

Adam Warren, Aurora Li, Claire Doherty, Dear Violet, Erin Hand, The Fallen Robins, Folkaphonic Youth Orchestra, Hello Harry, Isobel Knight, Kieran Knapman, Mother Banshee, Paddy & The Wonderband, Saplings Sessions Bush Music Club, Shalani, Sian Fuller, Stephanie Swords