Artists Application


The 2025 Illawarra Folk Festival is scheduled for 17-19 January.

Artist applications are open and will close 30 May 2024.

The application link will at the bottom of this page.

Performance Guidelines and Information

We’ve provided quite a bit of information below to give you an idea of the festival, its aims, some remuneration guidelines and other considerations.

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We also encourage membership of our Illawarra Folk ClubFolk Alliance AustraliaFolk Federation of NSW, and Australia’s Folk Music Magazine Trad&Now.

We are hoping to advise status of applications in July 2024. We are anticipating a large volume of applications.
 Kay Proudlove, David De Santi, (honorary)

2025 Illawarra Folk Festival co-Artistic Directors


About The 2025 Festival

The 38th Illawarra Folk Festival is to held at the Bulli Showground (10km north of Wollongong, NSW) from 4pm Friday 17 January 2025 to Sunday evening 19th January 2025.

The festival gets into full swing from Friday evening to Sunday evening in 8 venues all at the Bulli Showground.

The Illawarra Folk Festival is an event which exudes friendliness, participation and having a good time with new and old friends. Many of the artists camp on site, and some limited accommodation may be provided with billets.

Folk School

The festival is always looking for tutors for the Folk School that is held on the Friday of the festival. Selected tutors are provided $100 for each session they present. You can indicate your interest in the application form. More details


Artist’s Responsibilities

Artists accept responsibility for their own Public Liability Insurance. When performing, you are a Festival service provider and as such, are not covered by the Festival’s public liability insurance.  We suggest investigating insurance options with Folk Alliance Australia, see and follow the links to ‘insurance’. You need to be or become a member of Folk Alliance Australia.

  • Artists also accept all responsibility for their tax obligations, superannuation and WorkCover requirements.
  • Artists are responsibly for their own instruments and personalised equipment. Some backline is provided by the festival.
  • Artists are responsible for their meals and drinks. Water will be provided at stages.

Family Pass Discounts

If selected to perform at the festival, discounted passes for partners and young children (U18) will be available as follows. These rates are less than 40% of the full rate. You may want to take these costs into account when providing the fee request in the application form.

Fee Suggestion

Please read and keep the following in mind when considering your fee request:

  • We are a volunteer-run festival and the fees we can accommodate are modest. We have built a great community over the past 35 years, with some local acts and community groups even donating their performance time to take part in the unique atmosphere that The Illawarra Folk Festival has to offer. We also understand that professional musicians offer their services for a set price.
  • You are welcome to ask for what you would like, but we do have a budget to stick to, and this is a major consideration in the selection process. Although we cannot offer ‘Glastonbury-esque’ remuneration for your time, we do hope that participating in the festival will fill your cup in other ways.
  • We provide free camping sites and, in some instances, may provide accommodation based upon circumstances. Partner and children passes are not provided but will be available at reduced prices (see Family Pass Discounts).
  • All artist fees quoted are to be totally inclusive of all costs such as GST, travel, visas, meals
  • In general, we want artists to be there for the majority of the festival and to provide 2 to 3 performances during their stay

International Act Fees

Fees are negotiable, but in general the offered fee can range anywhere between $500 and $2500 and more dependant on the number of artists in the act, suitability and appeal to the festival.  Airfares are not provided by the festival.  Artists are responsible for arranging their own visas, transport to and from the festival.


Selection Criteria

We select acts mainly by the following criteria:

  • Act Availability –
    • The Festival officially starts at 4pm on Friday 17 January and ends at 10pm on Sunday 19 January.
    • All acts selected are programmed across the festival days and are expected to be available for the entire Festival.
  • Participation Level
    • Involvement in Folk School, sessions, singalongs, workshops, theme concerts, dances, parades and children’s events where possible is a plus.
  • Music Style
    • Folk style acts are preferred, with minor inclusion of other musical genres.
    • We generally don’t book acts who solely perform other music genres.
  • Type of Performances
    • Acts with workshops and theme presentations are always more favoured rather than just concert acts.
    • Acts who can play for children and folk dancing are also sought, although not essential.
  • Price
    • Low to modest fees are provided dependent on the number of acts, performances proposed and where they are coming from.
    • Very limited accommodation is available however there is plenty of camping space on the festival site.
    • You need to indicate in the notes section if the fee proposed is negotiable as well.
  • Street acts – are welcome to apply to perform, but please be aware that the focus of the festival and the limited funds are provided towards the musical aspect of the festival.
  • Volunteering
    • We will welcome and look favourably upon acts who will also contribute by helping make the festival happen!
    • We always need MCs, Venue Manager, Instrument Lockup staff and many other tasks. So please also consider strongly about volunteering.
  • Support for the Folk Music Scene in Australia
    • We also like to support acts that support their local and national folk music scene such as Folk Alliance Australia.

Audio and Video supporting evidence

We prefer online audio and video support material such as Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Act website, and Facebook Artist Page (not personal).


Link to Expression of Interest to Perform Form

All artist fees quoted are to be totally inclusive of all costs such as GST, travel, visas, meals.

In general we want artists to be there for the majority of the festival and to provide 2 to 3 performances during their stay.