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Stage Set-Up Forms and Backline Request

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You can also request Backline – bass amp, guitar amp or basic drum kit be

Click here to download a Stage Set-Up plan in WORD format.

Stage Plan
Please fill-in an online performer set-up sheet and return to us by ASAP and at the latest by 16 January 2023 to allow us time to arrange information for each of the venues you are performing at.You can download our Stage Plan template in Word, complete and then upload below.PLEASE NOTE: If information is not provided in time then artists should bring hard copy of plans to your venue at least 60 minutes prior to performance and provide to Sound Person/MC.Backline Request FormThere will be a limited amount of backline gear available for artists traveling interstate and from overseas. The gear will be stored at the Instrument Lockup which is in the Dog Kennels.The management of this gear is by volunteers so please pick up the gear and return it. We do have trolleys available.Drummers should bring their own cymbals and snare if possible.Guitarists should bring their own guitar leads.If you are a local or traveling by car please bring your own gear please to lessen the workload on our volunteers.Gear can be stored at the Instrument Lockup.