Wednesday January 16th

9:00 AMFolk School - Beginners' Ukulele WorkshopNew Hall
9:00 AMFolk School - Klezmer doynes and forshpils improvChill Room
9:00 AMFolk School - Scales for FolkiesOld Hall
10:00 AMFolk School - Blues UkuleleNew Hall
10:00 AMFolk School - Irish BodhranOld Hall
10:00 AMFolk School - Spoken Word Soapbox SkillsChill Room
11:00 AMFolk School - Scottish Jigs - Learn to lilt your jigsChill Room
11:00 AMFolk School - Songwriting 101Old Hall
11:00 AMFolk School - Ukulele PercussionNew Hall
12:00 PMFolk School - 'Lucky Dip' kids bandChill Room
12:00 PMFolk School - African DrummingNew Hall
12:00 PMFolk School - The Magic Round-A-Bout RoundsOld Hall
1:00 PMFolk School - 'Behind the Songs' - Invaluable tips to inspire songwritersOld Hall
1:00 PMFolk School - Busking Workshop - Earn your living through buskingChill Room
1:00 PMFolk School - Klezmer Rhythms and Grooves New Hall
2:00 PMFolk School - A cappella Singing for BeginnersOld Hall
2:00 PMFolk School - Kids Beginner Strings Workshop New Hall
2:00 PMFolk School - Scottish Airs - Ornaments and bowing tips for slow airsChill Room
3:00 PMFolk School - Autoharp - Beginner and IntermediateChill Room
3:00 PMFolk School - Folkaphonic Youth Orchestra RehearsalNew Hall
3:00 PMFolk School - The Storyteller WithinOld Hall
4:00 PMFolk School - 'Lucky Dip' Kids Band MentoringOld Hall
4:00 PMFolk School - Chinese Dragon Dance workshopChill Room
4:00 PMFolk School - New Orleans brass band music & instrumental improvisationNew Hall

Thursday January 17th

Folk School - African DrummingNew Hall
9:00 AMFolk School - Appalachian Fiddle WorkshopChill Room
9:00 AMFolk School - Klezmer Orchestra for all InstrumentsNew Hall
9:00 AMFolk School - Tetun Songs from East Timor Old Hall
10:00 AMFolk School - DADGAD Guitar Tuning for SongwritersNew Hall
10:00 AMFolk School - Introduction to Irish Music on the Tin WhistleOld Hall
10:00 AMFolk School - Scottish Fiddle WorkshopChill Room
11:00 AMFolk School - Clawhammer BanjoChill Room
11:00 AMFolk School - Clog DancingOld Hall
11:00 AMFolk School - The Black Art of Accordion Repair & TuningNew Hall
12:00 PMFolk School - Quebecoise Fiddle WorkshopChill Room
12:00 PMFolk School - Songs of the WorldOld Hall
1:00 PMFolk School - An Introduction to Persian MusicOld Hall
1:00 PMFolk School - Egyptian Dance BaladiNew Hall
1:00 PMFolk School -English Fiddle Tuners (beginner/ intermediate)Chill Room
2:00 PMFolk School - Folkaphonic Youth Orchestra RehearsalNew Hall
2:00 PMFolk School - Getting Started as a SongwriterChill Room
2:00 PMFolk School -A cappella Songs from Around the WorldOld Hall
3:00 PMFolk School -An Introduction to Fiddle-Singing (for confident fiddle players)Chill Room
3:00 PMFolk School -Balkan/Gypsy beat boxingOld Hall
3:00 PMFolk School -Tunes from Spain, Portugal & FranceNew Hall
4:00 PMOpening Concert - Curious Rendition OrchestraSlacky Flat Bar
4:00 PMFolk School - Harmony WorkshopsOld Hall
4:00 PMFolk School - Playing the DidjeriduChill Room
4:00 PMFolk School -Orkeztal World - Music from the world (all instruments)New Hall
5:00 PMTaster Concert - JimmyBay, Dana Sipos, Winter WilsonSlacky Flat Bar
5:00 PMA Taste of PoetsGrandstand Bar
5:00 PMTaster Too Concert - Rusty & The Saint, Anna & Jordan, Cloudstreet, Jenny Mitchell, Khristian Mizzi, The Thomsons, Dennis J Leise, Mensch, Monique!Global Green
5:30 PMHoot Jam on ThursdaySession Tent
5:30 PMOn Track - Rob Longstaff, Niq Reefman, Dear Violet, Mission Songs Project, Kate Pass Kohesia Ensemble, Cigány WeaverTivoli on Track
6:30 PMWelcome to CountrySlacky Flat Bar
7:00 PMFestival Choir RehearsalSession Tent
7:00 PMTaster Concert - Sophie & Fiachra, Jodi Martin Band, Hardey McMurrick Two, Fly Little Sparrow, Emily WurramaraSlacky Flat Bar
7:00 PMConcert - Cabbage Tree Combo, Capricornia, Hello HarryGrandstand Bar
8:00 PMFolkaphonic Youth Orchestra RehearsalSession Tent
8:00 PMTripe Dinner & Concert - Russell Hannah, Ted Egan, Winter Wilson, Suzette Herft, Dave de Hugard, Broads, Peter Willey, Ballpoint PenguinsRestaurant
9:00 PMGood Tunes Session on ThursdaySession Tent
9:30 PMFeature Concert - Chloe & Jason Roweth Band, BeatmeistersGlobal Green
9:30 PMFeature Concert - Darren Coggan, Hello Tut TutSlacky Flat Bar
10:00 PMSea Shanty Session on ThursdayGrandstand Bar

Friday January 18th

8:30 AMPoet's Breakfast on FridayShow Pavilion
9:30 AMKids Show - Maypole DanceThe Shed
9:30 AMFeature Concert (One Song Per Artist) - Life Begins at Forty - Illawarra Folk ClubBlack Diamond Marquee
10:00 AMKlezmer Fiddle on FridaySession Tent
10:00 AMYoga on FridayTivoli on Track
10:00 AMConcerts - Frank Povah, Tin Star, Chloe & Jason Roweth Band, The Anecdote, Sarah Humphreys, Super Rats, Ballpoint Penguins, Cigány Weaver, Ted Egan, Mission Songs Project, Matt Katsis, Handsome Young Strangers, Moussa Diakite and Wassado, On The StoopSlacky Flat Bar
10:00 AMConcerts - The Pie Eaters, Rusty & The Saint, Khristian Mizzi, Jenny Mitchell, Zumpa, Mensch, Monique!, The Water Runners, Co-cheol, The Bottlers, Fly Little Sparrow, Egypsy, The Pigs, The FretlessGlobal Green
10:15 AMKids Show - Gobsmacked! Near and FarThe Shed
10:30 AMConcerts - The Derby Dolls, Mike Martin, Ralph GrahamGrandstand Bar
11:00 AMKids Show - Sing with Rachel!The Shed
11:00 AMEnglish Fiddle Tunes on FridaySession Tent
11:00 AMAustralian Tradition - Chord-eaux, Denis McKayShow Pavilion
11:30 AMStrings and Things - Vic Janko Orkestar, Mad Kelpie Playdate, rUKEas, The String Family, Orkeztar LizmoréTivoli on Track
11:30 AMConcerts - Douglas McPherson, Graeme Clark, Sally Forth, Carl Webster, Peter Vadiveloo, Niq Reefman, Anna & Jordan, Kenny Bartley/Super Kenny, Broads, Sophie & Fiachra, Sarah & SilasMiner's Camp
11:30 AMConcerts - The Last Aurochs, Rob Longstaff, Albi & The Wolves, Cloudstreet, The Con Artists, Gleny Rae Virus and her Playboys, Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club, Kate Pass Kohesia Ensemble, Jodi Martin Band, HighlanderBlack Diamond Marquee
11:45 AMKids Show - The New Old Variety ShowThe Shed
12:00 PMFolkaphonic Youth Folk Orchestra RehearsalSession Tent
12:00 PMConcerts - Wolf Gordon, The Guilty Three, Winter Wilson, Suzette Herft, Michael WaughThe Chapel
12:30 PMThe Magic Storytelling Hat on FridayThe Shed
1:00 PMGeographica: Tales from The Global VillageShow Pavilion
1:15 PMKids Show - Treasure HuntsThe Shed
1:30 PMMalian Guitar WorkshopGrandstand Bar
2:00 PMKids Show - Say No to Plastic ShowThe Shed
2:00 PMAutoharp WorkshopSession Tent
2:30 PMBeatles and FolkShow Pavilion
2:30 PMConcerts - Ramblin' Ash, Tia Juana, Mariah McCarthy, The Swingaleles, Oh Reach, Peter Anderson, Rachel Collis, Klara ZubonjaGrandstand Bar
2:45 PMStory Telling (for Kids) on FridayThe Shed
3:00 PMAustralian Songs Session on FridaySession Tent
3:30 PMKids Show - Super KennyThe Shed
3:30 PMAcross the Pacific - Dana Sipos, Dennis J LeiseShow Pavilion
4:00 PMIrish SessionSession Tent
4:30 PMYouth Traditions Awards Concert - Round 1The Shed
5:00 PMFestival Orchestra RehearsalSession Tent
5:00 PMSmall Halls Concert - Liam Gerner, Fru SkagerrakThe Chapel
5:15 PMClog Dancing Workshop on FridayTivoli on Track
5:30 PMUncle Jimbo's Island Bar LecturesShow Pavilion
5:30 PMConcerts - Carefree Road Band, Brent Parlane, Dave de Hugard, Hardey McMurrick Two, JimmyBay, JuniorRestaurant
5:45 PMYouth at the Folkie - Abigail Wighton, Adam Warren, Shalani, James and Jackson, The Fossickers, The Bearded Cat, Mother BansheeThe Shed
6:00 PMFestival Choir RehearsalSession Tent
6:30 PMDance Demonstration on FridayTivoli on Track
6:30 PMRoving on FridayRoving Performers
7:00 PMHoot Jam on FridaySession Tent
7:00 PMLots of Strings - Steel City Sue, Miriam Lieberman Trio, Narrownecks, Lindsay LouShow Pavilion
7:15 PMScottish CeiliTivoli on Track
7:15 PMConcerts - Emily Wurramara, Hello Tut Tut, DelaThe Chapel
8:00 PMGood Tunes SessionSession Tent
8:45 PMRitzy Glitz at the Tivoli - The Long Johns, The GrooveTivoli on Track
9:00 PMScottish Session on FridaySession Tent
10:30 PMSea Shanty Session on FridayGrandstand Bar
11:30 PMLate Night Sing AlongRestaurant

Saturday January 19th

8:00 AMPoet's Breakfast on SaturdayShow Pavilion
8:30 AMYoga on SaturdayTivoli on Track
9:00 AMFor Kids - Learn Australian Folk TunesSession Tent
9:10 AMMusic Train 1/1 on Saturday - Zlatkos Balkan CabaretMusic Train #1 (Carriage 1)
9:10 AMMusic Train 1/2 on Saturday - Ballpoint PenguinsMusic Train #1 (Carriage 2)
9:30 AMMaypole Dance for Kids on SaturdayThe Shed
9:30 AMConcerts - Mem Davis, Patrick Lyons & The Band of American Creek, Paddy & The Wonderband, Cranky Franky, Mariah McCarthy, Ballpoint PenguinsMiner's Camp
9:30 AMConcerts - Chloe & Jason Roweth Band, Miriam Lieberman Trio, Winter Wilson, Dela, Handsome Young Strangers, The Long Johns, The PigsBlack Diamond Marquee
9:30 AMConcerts - The Con Artists, Ted Egan, Dana Sipos, Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club, Broads, Orkeztar Lizmoré, Mission Songs Project, Kate Pass Kohesia Ensemble, Sophie & Fiachra, Cloudstreet, Co-cheol, Matt KatsisThe Chapel
9:30 AMConcerts - Richard Lawson, Steel City Sue, JimmyBay, Kay Proudlove, Linda Mizzi, Sarah Humphreys, Super Rats, The Last Aurochs, Albi & The Wolves, On The Stoop, Hardey McMurrick Two, Mad Kelpie Playdate, Gleny Rae Virus and her PlayboysGlobal Green
9:30 AMConcerts - Macabre Sisters, The Thomsons, The Pie Eaters, Gabrielle Journey Jones, The Anecdote, Jocean, Dave de Hugard, Shalani, Niq Reefman, Peter Willey, The Fossickers, Peter Vadiveloo, Tin Star, Rob LongstaffGrandstand Bar
10:00 AMOrkeztal World SessionSession Tent
10:00 AMDance DemonstrationsTivoli on Track
10:00 AMConcerts - Lizzie Bennet, Klara Zubonja, Brent ParlaneSlacky Flat Bar
10:00 AMConcerts - The Water Runners, Maria Wang and Friends, The High Country, Oh Reach, Frank Povah, Sarah & SilasShow Pavilion
10:10 AMMusic Train 2/1 on Saturday - Daddy Longlegs and the Swamp DonkeysMusic Train #2 (Carriage 1)
10:10 AMMusic Train 2/2 on Saturday - Melbourne Scottish Fiddle ClubMusic Train #2 (Carriage 2)
10:15 AMKids Show - Illawarra Nature Stories and SongsThe Shed
11:00 AMLittle Wonders (For Kids)The Shed
11:00 AMWoolly Yarn Spinning CompetitionSession Tent
11:45 AMKids Show - Treasure Hunts TooThe Shed
12:00 PMJohn Dengate Parody CupSession Tent
12:15 PMFestival Choir RehearsalTivoli on Track
12:30 PMKids Show - Belly DanceThe Shed
1:00 PMTom Paxton TributeSlacky Flat Bar
1:15 PMGobsmacked! Near and Far on SaturdayThe Shed
1:15 PMFiddle Singing WorkshopSession Tent
1:30 PMDance Demonstration on SaturdayTivoli on Track
2:00 PMKids Show - The New Old Variety ShowThe Shed
2:15 PMFolkaphonic Youth Folk Orchestra RehearsalSession Tent
2:30 PMSaturday Arvo at the Slacky Flat - Junior, Jodi Martin Band, Fly Little SparrowSlacky Flat Bar
2:45 PMThe Magic Storytelling Hat on SaturdayThe Shed
3:30 PMFestival Orchestra RehearsalSession Tent
3:30 PMKids Show - Super KennyThe Shed
3:30 PMRoving on SaturdayRoving Performers
3:30 PMPoet's Afternoon TeaMiner's Camp
3:45 PMClog Dancing Workshop on SaturdayTivoli on Track
4:00 PMFestival Choir RehearsalSession Tent
4:00 PMThe Songs of Joan BaezShow Pavilion
4:15 PMYouth Traditions Awards Concert - Round 2The Shed
4:30 PMWorld Music Party - The Fretless, Zumpa, Cigány Weaver, Moussa Diakite and Wassado, Hello Tut TutBlack Diamond Marquee
5:00 PMLimericksSession Tent
5:00 PMRoving on SaturdayRoving Performers
5:00 PMSunset Bush DanceTivoli on Track
5:00 PMConcerts - Rachel Collis, Dennis J Leise, Mike Martin, Rusty & The Saint, Ramblin' Ash, NarrownecksMiner's Camp
5:15 PMSlacky Flat ParadeSlacky Flat Bar
5:15 PMVictorian Voices - Michael Waugh, Khristian MizziShow Pavilion
5:30 PMYouth at the Folkie - Anna & Jordan, Allegra Dunning, The String Family, Giles Robinson, Dear Violet, Paddy & The WonderbandThe Shed
5:30 PMConcerts - The Groove, Peter Anderson, The Guilty Three, Jenny Mitchell, Zlatkos Balkan Cabaret, Mensch, Monique!, Vic Janko OrkestarRestaurant
5:45 PMSmall Halls Concert - Liam Gerner, Sku FragerrakSlacky Flat Bar
6:00 PMSea Shanty Session on SaturdaySession Tent
6:30 PMDance DemonstrationTivoli on Track
7:00 PMHoot Jam on SaturdaySession Tent
7:15 PMPirates of the CorpserationShow Pavilion
7:15 PMBush DanceTivoli on Track
7:45 PMEvening Song - Lindsay Lou, Emily Wurramara, Irish Mythen, The BottlersSlacky Flat Bar
8:00 PMKlezmer Fiddle on SaturdaySession Tent
8:30 PMDance Time - Daddy Longlegs and the Swamp Donkeys, HighlanderShow Pavilion
8:45 PMDrum Dance at the TivoliTivoli on Track
9:00 PMWorld Music JamSession Tent
10:00 PMScottish Session on SaturdaySession Tent

Sunday January 20th

8:00 AMPoet's Breakfast on SundayShow Pavilion
8:30 AMYoga on SundayTivoli on Track
9:00 AMFor Kids - Learn Australian Folk TunesSession Tent
9:10 AMMusic Train 1/1 on Sunday - Cabbage Tree ComboMusic Train #1 (Carriage 1)
9:10 AMMusic Train 1/2 on Sunday - Mad Kelpie PlaydateMusic Train #1 (Carriage 2)
9:30 AMMaypole Dance for Kids on SundayThe Shed
9:30 AMLaugh Till Your Drop - Funny Song ConcertSlacky Flat Bar
9:30 AMConcerts - Sarah & Silas, Bundeena Ramshackle Orkestra, Broads, Dennis J Leise, Tin Star, Junior, Jodi Martin BandGlobal Green
9:30 AMConcerts - Mensch, Monique!, Dirt Road Days, Rob Longstaff, Frank Povah, Super Rats, The Anecdote, Mad Kelpie Playdate, Matt KatsisMiner's Camp
9:30 AMConcerts - Orkeztar Lizmoré, Ruido Flamenco, Sophie & Fiachra, Co-cheol, Lindsay Lou, Irish Mythen, Mission Songs Project, Ted Egan, Emily WurramaraBlack Diamond Marquee
9:45 AMDance Demonstration on SundayTivoli on Track
10:00 AMEnglish Fiddle Tunes on SundaySession Tent
10:00 AMGentle Voices - Peter Vadiveloo, Mike MartinShow Pavilion
10:00 AMConcerts - Miriam Lieberman Trio, On The Stoop, Linda Mizzi, The Fretless, Moussa Diakite and Wassado, Albi & The Wolves, The Long Johns, Cigány WeaverThe Chapel
10:00 AMConcerts - Suzette Herft, SingGongGo, The Last Aurochs, Brent Parlane, The Water Runners, Dingo's Breakfast Oz Music & Poetry Band, Winter Wilson, Sarah Humphreys, Ballpoint PenguinsGrandstand Bar
10:10 AMMusic Train 2/1 on Sunday - The AnecdoteMusic Train #2 (Carriage 1)
10:10 AMMusic Train 2/2 on Sunday - Sally ForthMusic Train #2 (Carriage 2)
10:15 AMGobsmacked! Near and Far on SundayThe Shed
11:00 AMKids Show - The New Old Variety ShowThe Shed
11:00 AMAustralian Songs Session on SundaySession Tent
11:00 AMConcerts - Folkaphonic Youth Folk Orchestra, The Humphreys, Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club, Kate Pass Kohesia Ensemble, Dela, Michael Waugh, The Pigs, Highlander, Gleny Rae Virus and her Playboys, Hello Tut TutSlacky Flat Bar
11:45 AMPuppet ShowThe Shed
12:00 PMThe Black Art of Accordion Repair & TuningSession Tent
12:00 PMUnion ConcertShow Pavilion
12:00 PMConcerts - Ruido Flamenco, Swing BootyTivoli on Track
12:45 PMKids Show - Illawarra Nature Songs and StoriesThe Shed
1:00 PMFestival Orchestra RehearsalSession Tent
1:15 PMConcerts - Chloe & Jason Roweth Band, The Pie Eaters, Mariah McCarthy, Narrownecks, Solidarity ChoirShow Pavilion
1:30 PMThe Magic Storytelling Hat on SundayThe Shed
2:00 PMDance Demonstration on SundayTivoli on Track
2:00 PMFestival Choir RehearsalSession Tent
2:00 PMRoving on SundayRoving Performers
2:15 PMKids Ukulele WorkshopThe Shed
2:30 PMConcerts - Daddy Longlegs and the Swamp Donkeys, ZumpaTivoli on Track
3:00 PMPuppet ShowThe Shed
3:00 PMAustralian Tunes and SongsSession Tent
3:00 PMRoving on SundayRoving Performers
4:00 PMStory Telling (for Kids) on SundayThe Shed
4:00 PMOne Minute WondersSession Tent
4:30 PMSmall Halls Concert - Liam Gerner, Fru SkagerrakGlobal Green
4:45 PMKids Show - The New Old Variety ShowThe Shed
4:45 PMPoet's Final WordSession Tent
4:45 PMAfternoon Tea DanceTivoli on Track
5:30 PMHoot Jam on SundaySession Tent
6:25 PMChinese Lion DanceBlack Diamond Marquee
6:45 PMFestival Parade to FinaleBlack Diamond Marquee
7:00 PMFestival FinaleBlack Diamond Marquee