Volunteering Overview

If you’ve volunteered previously, welcome back!

We look forward to seeing old friends again at the Illawarra Folk Festival.

If you are a first time volunteer you are about to discover a wonderful, rewarding experience!

You’ll make new friends, learn new skills and obtain great satisfaction from ensuring everyone has an enjoyable and memorable time at the Illawarra Folk Festival.

We have three categories of volunteer – General, Green Folk and Senior.

We request 12 hours of volunteering from General and Green Folk volunteers in return for benefits listed below.

Senior Volunteers generally become team leaders and provide more than 12 hours of time. They receive additional benefits.

You can read about Volunteer Job Descriptions here.

If you want to view further information about theĀ Green Folk, our waste and recycling management team, thenĀ CLICK HERE.

Applications are now open CLICK HERE.

General Volunteer benefits

  • A Season Pass to the Festival (value $220).
  • Light refreshments from the Volunteer Kitchen during setup and packdown days.
  • Attendance at pre and post festival concerts.
  • 2 free drinks from the Festival Bar
  • Purchase Illawarra Folk Club CDs at 50% discount from the Festival Shop.
  • Learn new skills.
  • References available.
  • Support a great and unique community event.
  • Attend one Folk Music School Session of your choice for free.
  • The satisfaction of being involved in the success of one of Australia’s largest volunteer organised folk festival.

Green Folk extra benefits:

  • A special issue Illawarra Folk Festival Green Folk T-Shirt.
  • An Illawarra Folk Festival Green Folk sun-hat.
  • 6 free drinks from the Festival Bar

Senior Volunteer (Team Leader) extra benefits:

  • Festival pack