Volunteer Application Forms

Volunteer Applications for 2024 now closed.


Click here – Volunteer Application Form 2024


Be part of a the team of volunteers helping to set up, run and pack down the Illawarra Folk Festival.

There are three categories of volunteer – General, Green Folk and Senior (Team Leader Role).

Volunteers who are passionate about music and even more passionate about saving our planet should  join the Green Folk Team! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Senior (Team Leader) Volunteers generally become team leaders and generally provide more than 12 hours of time. They receive additional benefits.

CLICK TO HERE TO GET AN OVERVIEW of volunteering at the Illawarra Folk Festival.

You can read about Volunteer Job Descriptions here.

If you want to view further information about the Green Folk, our waste and recycling management team, then CLICK HERE.


Wanted – Team Leaders for 2024!

There over 30 volunteer teams at the festival. If you are interested in a senior volunteer role as a team leader please fill in the Online Form and send an email to operations@illawarrafolkfestival.com.au – volunteer@illawarrafolkfestival.com.au