Local Hotels

Local Hotels

Other Hotels, Motels and B&Bs

There are a number of motels, hotels, B&Bs and caravan parks in the Illawarra region, but January is a popular time so don’t forget to book early!  For more information on local accommodation you can contact Tourism Wollongong on 1800 240 737.

Booking Festival Accommodation and Beyond

Do you use the on-line booking systems Wotif.Com or Booking.Com for local, national and international accommodation, travel etc?

If so you can now help out the Festival by using the following links.

By simply using these links to get to the booking systems, the festival will receive a commission for any sales generated through these links.

So next time you’re planning a trip anywhere in the world or to the festival, please consider using these links and you’ll be helping out the festival!


To use Wotif.com, type the following into your browser and proceed from there:


To use Booking.com, type the following into your browser and proceed from there: