Festival CD Artist Information

Traditionally we produce a compilation CD featuring a number of artists who will be part of our forthcoming Illawarra Folk Festival.

We seek you permission to use one of your tracks on our compilation CD.

We advise that we comply with all Australian licensing requirements
and royalties are paid as per those requirements. Our budget does not
extend to paying fees for individual payments, however we do provide 5
copies of the CD for your own use.

The purpose of the CD is not so much a money making exercise (it
usually isn’t) but rather a memento of the Festival for our patrons,
and it is also used extensively for promotional purposes.

As we wish to maximise its promotional benefits, your early reply
would be appreciated.

If you have no objection, we ask that you complete the form below to assist us in compiling the album.


Greaeme Morrison / David De Santi
Illawarra Folk Festival Booking Committee