2023 Illawarra Folk Festival Organising Committee

Be part of a 40 plus team to organise the festival as a Section Team Leader/Member.

Tasks and responsibilities:

 1. Attend Festival Committee meetings (approx. 8)

 Between May and January, meetings will generally be held monthly
 Meetings are held in person or via Zoom
 Between meetings, correspond closely with key Committee members by email or phone

2. Maintain updated relevant organising documents and lists (templates from previous years will be provided where available)

 Team members contact details
 Team organising roles and responsibilities
 Planning schedule / deadlines calendar
 Dynamic action list (list to be updated with new or changed actions after each meeting and circulated to the full Committee within one week)
 Tasks list

3. Monitor progress of actions, and if actions are being completed by deadlines.

 Keep a check on actions and due dates, and send reminders for key deadlines (email, text or phone call)
 As required, liaise directly with those committee members with key organising roles, and those with actions assigned to them, ensuring that, as much as
possible, deadlines are met and actions carried out.
 If there is concern that any critical deadlines are not going to be met (e.g. artist contract deadlines, sponsorship deadlines, marketing media deadlines,
etc) alert Operations Manager as a matter of urgency.

4. Budget monitoring and updates (the Committee will establish an event budget with estimated expenditure)

 Maintain the budget (currently in excel format), updating with actuals as they are confirmed
 Work closely with treasurer, and each committee member with responsibility for budget items (i.e. artist team, production team, merchandise, etc)
 Present revised budget actuals at meetings as required

5. Compile content for festival program; which contains all the relevant information for festival goers.

 Collect all relevant information from every team member responsible for organising key elements of Festival, such as information on sponsors and
logos, publicity, artist’s bios, workshops, program details etc.

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