Volunteer Camping

Book in an area (Refer map below).

Volunteer Campsite only – Caravan / Motorhome ADULT
– Wanderers Area Campsite    (8m x 5m) $35
– Slacky Height Area Campsite  (8m x 5m) $35
– Middle Earth Area Campsite    (8m x 5m) $35
– Large Caravan/Motorhome Campsite (10m long x 5m) $35
Volunteer Campsite only – Tent / Campertrailer / Campervan ADULT
– Slacky Heights Area Campsite  (6m x 6m) $35
– Middle Earth Area Campsite     (6m x 6m) $35
– Black Diamond Area Campsite   (6m x 6m) $35
Please book a Campsite  when you register as a camping volunteer.
Up to 6 people can share a site.
It is your responsibility to book a site.

If you are not accepted as a volunteer or have to withdraw, you will automatically be refunded the cost of your volunteer camping.

To book camping go to: Volunteer Camping