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Youth Tradition Awards Entries close 1 December 2023!



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The 2024 Illawarra Folk Festival will feature the tenth Youth Traditions Concert to encourage and celebrate young artists who perform traditional folk songs and tunes.  Young artists aged between 9 and 25 will be have the chance to perform in the Youth Traditions concerts on Saturday of the Festival.

In the past the festival ran the Youth Traditions Awards which were designed to:

  • encourage young artists to explore and perform traditional folk music from Australia and abroad
  • broaden young artists repertoire of folk songs and tunes and keep folk traditions fresh & alive
  • give young artists promotional opportunities through winning an award

Award participants will received a 1-Day Festival Pass and 1-Day Pass for a parent.

Entry Details


There are five categories, each limited to six minutes:

1.    Best Performance of a traditional Australian folk song

2.    Best Performance of a traditional folk song from another culture

3.    Best Performance of a traditional folk tune (or set of tunes)

4.    Best Performance of an original song following a folk tradition*

5.    Best Performance of an original tune  (or set of tunes) following a folk style* * to be eligible for these categories you also need to enter category 1, 2 or 3


  • Cash prizes and music shop vouchers to be confirmed
  • An Illawarra Folk Festival Pack of CD / T-Shirt
  • An opportunity to perform at a regular Illawarra Folk Club regular concert later in the year


The festival is able to provide music resources free of cost to assist performers in acquiring material.  Please contact David to make arrangements for delivery/pickup. David De Santi M: 0409 57 1788

Youth Traditions Awards Application Form


Ann Lehmann M: 0414 680 123